December 30, 2009

Is This What 'Good Government' Looks Like to Conservative Supporters?

The talk of the day seems to be the renewed rumours about Harper and Co. proroguing parliament until March 3rd. Proroguing is something the Cons dismissed earlier this month after rumours arose once before. If anything, the Cons probably only delayed taking this action because the public were still somewhat paying attention and there was some considerable negative reaction. Doing it now, if true, is to take advantage of the holiday time and the fact opposition MPs aren't in Ottawa to swiftly react.

It'll be interesting to see what the excuse is this time. My guess is they will use the Olympics as their shield to deflect criticism. Something about presence at the games and patriotism will likely be spewed out of their mouths. But considering their dishonourable and disgusting use of our troops as a deflection of criticisms, I have little doubt their excuses are hollow. If the Cons were a government that cared one iota about this country and the people they would continue to do what they were elected to and be in parliament, along with the opposition parties, doing their jobs.

Last year when Harper asked for parliament to be prorogued, there was the slightest space for justification. We just had an election and the opposition parties were threatening a coalition, which they hadn't at all campaigned on. While I didn't think it was reason enough to prorogue considering there is nothing unconstitutional about the action, I understand the issue. This time however, there's no threat of a coalition or the country falling apart or some other constitutional crisis arising. The only crises are ones the Conservatives have created for themselves.

The Cons have treated parliament with utter contempt. They act as though being kept in check by the opposition and other parliamentary measures, that are there for a reason, are a nuisance and something to ignore or attempt to alter to suit their agenda. Whether it's the Cons obfuscating, interfering with or personally attacking people such as PBO Kevin Page and Richard Colvin, disrupting or refusing to take part in special House committees, this is a government that doesn't feel as though they should be accountable or responsible or democratic. Their actions and words clearly speak to that.

And so, here we are. For the second time in a year Harper is apparently going to ask to prorogue parliament. All bills will be lost, all committees will be shutdown and the work of the government will be halted because they all supposedly want to watch the Olympic games. Without giving some pure garbage response such as the Olympics or political witch hunt crap, I'd like to know what the supporters of the Conservatives think of this? Really, what real reason is there for Harper to shutdown parliament? How do you feel about your party, the Conservatives, shirking their responsibilities and all the previous work done in parliament without justification?

h/t: BigCityLib, Scott, and Impolitical.

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