May 13, 2009

Random Noise Presents: Random Noise (GO Train Edition)


Not sure how else to explain how I feel sitting here on the GO Train, going home, after having to deal with my second delayed GO Train trip back to Oshawa. Last night I took the 23:13 train (that's 11:13pm for you lame people) and it was delayed about 20 minutes after there was a door problem around Guildwood and then a switch issue shortly after.

Tonight it was late arriving to Union from Exhibition by about 25 minutes. My guess it had something to do with the Toronto FC fans. They're everywhere in the train. Damn soccer hooligans!

I hear about GO Train delays all the time but have rarely experienced them. It's not for a lack of trying. I commuted on the GO for almost a year while I attended teachers college. I can only recall two delays in that entire period. But here I am, two nights in a row experiencing delays both nights. How's that for luck?

I wonder if any of these TFC or Blue Jay fans will run to their car when they depart. I still find the after-work sprinters humourous. I found them funny in Mississauga and I find them funny in Oshawa. They depart from the train and bolt for their cars. Because life is so hectic that waiting an extra 10 minutes is going to kill them.

Even funnier is that you just know that for some of those people, that's the most exercise they get in a day. The only reason they own running shoes is to make the 150 metre sprint to their car from the train. Few things are funnier than someone in an expensive suit or fancy dress, sprinting for their car, in their hardly-worn-but-several-years-old-running-shoes.

I didn't ever sprint from the train when I used to do the daily trip. Screw that! After a long day of school and/or work and the commute while squashed between hundreds of people the last thing I want to do is to be sprinting and scrambling in the parking lot.

I was all about taking my time, slowing myself down and relaxing before I got home. I'm sure there were other things to be concerned with when I got there so why rush?

Besides, it's not as though I didn't do a daily sprint. Mine just usually came in the morning to catch the train...

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