March 19, 2009

Canwest/National Post Conveniently Changing Tune?

Warren's raised a very interesting point over at his blog about Canwest and the National Post.

Warren: "The National Post, that is, which has railed against government "interference" in the marketplace for a decade, now about to get bailed out by the taxpayer."

Warren also refers to this as a 'game'. I think that accurately describes the situation. Isn't it convenient that they are suddenly okay with taking taxpayer money? Though I'm sure they'll never say as much.

What I find even more disturbing is that approximately two weeks ago I received a call from the National Post offering a 60 day subscription for free. They explained that there were no obligations on my part and that after 60 days the subscription would just end without notice or any required action. Furthermore, this was a wide-scale promotion.

I was beside myself, knowing just how much money the NP costs Canwest and how tight things were over at Canwest in general. To be offering free daily subscriptions on a wide-scale seems counter-productive given the circumstances.

While there are several theories that could be considered here, I'm leaning in one particular direction. My feeling is that the NP is trying to artificially build up their subscription numbers and expanse across demographics. If they can (temporarily and falsely) display they have a wide appeal, and a decent and growing subscription rate but are still bleeding money. And if they can successfully put the blame on the downturned economy, they can build a case that they are recoverable and relevant and ultimately, (in the long-run) profitable. All reasons why they deserve a taxpayer funded-government bailout (aside of the wink-nudge, Conservative pandering they'll continue).

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WesternGrit said...

Something is afoot. Watch these guys. Yesterday I had a visit from an account rep from the Province and Sun (Canwest papers). They were offering a "great deal" for advertising. I have never - in two years of business - been visited by one of their reps. The reps of the local papers come by - one CanWest, one independent.

Why the big push now?

I'm thinking of NOT advertising with them - just because they've been so anti-Liberal, and, instead putting a full page in the local independent...

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