January 26, 2009

What Wasn't Announced?

Everyone seems to be talking about what has been announced to be in the budget. Experience with this Conservative government has me wondering more about what they haven't announced.

So far we have heard about all these wonderful spending initiatives for infrastructure, job training, etc. All the things we the public would - should - be expecting when a government talls about stimulus spending. What we haven't heard announced is anything to do with contentious tax cuts (GST?), policy changes (relaxing environmental-based rules?), cuts to social programs (women's equality?), vicious partisanship (cuts to political funding?), or even self-sacrifice (scaling back the size of the Cabinet).

Since Harper and his team are generally less than forthcoming with what they plan to do it after making promises, it is reasonable for us to expect a lot more from tomorrow's budget than what has already been announced (in an election style). Harper has shown he can't help himself when it comes to trying to be 'clever' and poking the opposition and others with sticks. Tomorrow isn't likely to be any different. There is no way that he would cave and offer all sorts of measures that he doesn't believe in or want without exacting some small token for himself.


(Update) Check out this entry over at Archiblog. (h/t CuriousityCat)


CuriosityCat said...

Read Archiblogs posting - about Harper's few words which basically include all the items in his earlier budget (the one which provoked the riot), into this budget.

No wonder this one is short of detail - it is simply a sequel to the November one!

Kyle said...

I hadn't had the chance to read the throne speech yet but Archiblog's analysis is quite good.

Lizt. said...

Is it true, that the Provinces will have to divvy up half of what they are proposing in infrastructure ? The provinces are not that wealthy.

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