December 01, 2008

The Coalition Already has Proposed More and More Anonymous Liberal Sources

Coaltion Progress: This whole coalition thing has really taken off. If the Conservatives actually have some ideas they should probably begin talking about them immediately. If these reports are true, it shows that the opposition parties are extremely serious about going forward with the coalition in an attempt to deal with the economic crisis. For the Conservatives to do anything (e.g. ask for a prorogue, further delay confidence motions, etc.) but put out a real economic plan, that can take effect ASAP would be tantamount to admitting they either have not the willingness to do what's necessary and what Canadians have asked of them or they are devoid of any ideas of how to deal with the current situation. Unless an actual plan is immediately put forward the Conservatives will be admitting that they are incapable of governing and the proposed coalition would be necessary.

Update @ 11:38am: CBC Newsworld is reporting that the coalition has already developed a economic plan and will possibly be making it public shortly. I'll add a link when one comes available.

Ivison on Ignatieff: In regards to John Ivison's posts that keep popping up - one that mentions Ignatieff is not in agreement with the coalition and another that Ignatieff is going to be appointed leader - over at the National Post, let's keep in mind he's quoting the ever popular anonymous Liberal source. My own anonymous party contacts have told me Ivison is either writing a bunch of garbage and attaching the source tag to make it sound legit or he's talking to someone outside of Ignatieff's camp that doesn't have access to details. Booya! There you go! Anonymous Liberal sources for all is what I believe. Everyone should have one so they can print random, inane quotes on any topic with any slant they like. I wonder if I can ask my anonymous computer programmer friends to develop some type of bot that would just randomly produce anonymous Liberal insights?

Check out these links for more on Ivison and his posts:

Updated @ 4:29pm: Proof-positive that Ivison is wrong...

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Skinny Dipper said...

I can't believe it! No pre-approved reporters are asking questions to Dion, Layton, and Duceppe.

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