October 02, 2008

In the End, Only the Public's Opinion Counts

Chantal Hebert and Don Martin and other media types can dismiss Dion and write whatever spin they want but in the end they don't matter. At least not when the public sees it differently...

Tonight's English debate should be interesting.


Libforlife said...

Unfortunately it does matter, especially when there are those who will watch the US debate waiting for the expected train wreck. Many will be too busy watching an election in a foreign country and will wait for the so call experts to declare the victor on our side of the border. Too many still rely on the idiot box to tell them how to vote without troubling themselves will independent thought.

Kyle said...

I agree with you but not wholly.

Along with the editorials people will also read and hear about the results of the poll. Are average Canadians likely to take the word of a National Post writer over fellow Canadians? Not likely, I would think, unless you're a National Post subscriber and in most cases I would think your mind is already made up.

Yes, I also pointed to Hebert's column but to her credit she did give Dion praise. As well, Hebert has spent so much time trying to take Dion out that her comments won't phase anyone or her praise for Dion will stick out even more.

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