September 02, 2008

Durham NDP in Disarray? (v2.0)

I've decided to change the original post and ask a straight forward question in regards to the the Durham NDP:

  • How does the Durham NDP provide representation when it is not election time?

I'm asking this question because in the few elections I've been around for they seem to have little representation in the riding - lack of attendance at local events, last minute candidate nominations, no explicit representation at rallies, etc.

For me it's a question based on my principles and views of democratic representation. I'm involved politically because I believe that standing up and providing a voice for those that share my views, at all times is important. I make the continued effort to hold what I see as unjust, undemocratic, and non-transparent accountable because it is necessary. That is the principle I hold. I also believe that a healthy democracy needs all views represented and defended. No one party has all the answers and I know not everyone shares the same views as I or the Liberals do - I don't even share all the same views as the Liberals. These people deserve to be represented and need that voice if democracy is to be justly served. Go here for further discussion.

Note: character attacks, insults, etc. will no longer be allowed in the comments. Old comments were removed because they weren't constructive - in any way. Starting fresh...


wilfrido said...

You said "I do care about his personal politics and his motivations for running. I realize he has stated he believes in the NDP policies, but if that's the case then why do NDPers seem concerned?"

Well aren't you the frantic hasty Chicken Little chasing your nether feathers!
Kyle, Those of us who back Andrew and the NDP position in Campaign 08 thank you for your "care" about what makes our Durham candidate tick...

He is writing position pieces in regard to the issues for your local paper. Read them, mark them, learn and inwardly digest the words Andrew McKeever writes. This
is the normal way people discover candidates positions. If there is a Debate, attend it. But as far as your odd personal/ or Liberal partisan Mission to discover Andrew's "motivations" I would counsel a reserve on judgments. Its my view that human free-will is a Mystery of two wills contending one with the other. In other words, specially if you have a sense of the elusiveness of identities and of knowing itself, only God alone knows the complex human heart. If you believe in such matters, it would be better to look into yourself and ask Kyle what his motivations are. Are they worthy? Who is Kyle and Why is Kyle Kyle?

Kyle said...

I didn't know who Andrew was prior to his nomination and didn't know any more following it, with the exception of what was provided to me by others that did seem to know more.

Without naming the NDPers that spoke out, their motivations for speaking can only be expressed by them. And because I don't want to have to enter them into any of what was going on in my comment section prior, I will remove the question about Andrew. Though I'm still curious about what reasons they had to make those particular comments about Andrew, I'll let my curiousity be tempered for the time being. And therefore, the question is removed.

Amy Brown said...

I saw the earlier version of the post, and honestly wish it was still up, as I wished to bring it to the attention of the NDP campaign staff. I have some serious reservations about Mr. McKeever as an NDP candidate. To give you an idea of my concern, here is a posting I put up tonight on Andrew McKeever's NDP Facebook page:

"Andrew, I don't know you personally, but I've followed many of your Facebook postings and comments. So I have some questions for you.

1. Why have you removed postings and groups of yours from all over Facebook? Don't you want people to see all the (unsanitized) comments you have been making over the past year or so?

2. How can you, with any integrity, run for an NDP posting, given the the apparent conflict between your personal views and the NDP's positions?

3. Are your constituents aware that you've been stirring up *$&% on Facebook groups related to the peace movement, from at least Toronto to Newfoundland, over the past year or so?

4. Are your constituents aware that you have often cursed at, derided, defamed and even threatened other people in publicly-viewable forums like Facebook?

5. Are you just planning to run for NDP, then (if you got a seat) cross the floor to a more right-wing party or go independent? (That's my prediction.)

Serious answers, please."

Kyle said...

The original post is put away for now. I agree though that there are questions that need to be answered if what you're saying is true. Candidates from other parties have had to step aside or apologize for things they have written in the past on blogs, facebook, etc.

Do you have any specific examples?

Amy Brown said...

Just checking if you received my earlier reply?

Kyle said...

Amy, you raise good questions. I've also seen your responses on the Andrew's facebook page.

I definitely find it strange that his responses have all recently disappeared. If he has said nothing wrong or contradictory then there should be no concern about them being available for public consumption. I'm not afraid of my views and make them very public and neither should someone who wants to run for public office.

However, as you can see from the first comment here, (which is one of many that that have been left but which I have since removed) expressing concern about Andrew McKeever is met with insults, defensiveness, elusiveness, partisan attacks, etc.

If there is nothing to hide about the candidate then why the effort to hide? I do have troubles believing the local NDP would support a candidate that doesn't support the NDP and has another agenda for running. I also find it strange they have gone to lengths to discredit any concerns without actually addressing them.

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