July 24, 2008

Cons Try to Buy Ontario Votes

This was too easy to pass up...

Yesterday's headlines, 'Canadians hungry for an election this fall: Dion'

"We have seen over the winter and the spring more and more interest for federal politics," Dion told reporters Wednesday at a hotel in Ottawa's west end. "And more and more appetite for an election."

Today's headlines, '$7 billion deal to lift economy'

"The federal government will pump almost $7 billion into Ontario's aging infrastructure – most of it in towns and cities – under a deal with Queen's Park to be announced today...Those on hand will include federal Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon, who is also responsible for Ottawa's communities and infrastructure portfolio, and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty."

So Dion practically calls for a fall election and the Conservatives suddenly want to play nice with Ontario? Flaherty (or any Durham Conservative) has yet to show his face in any place in his own riding that one of thousands of soon-to-be unemployed autoworker might be present. Though he'll show up and make a purely cynical announcement about giving funding to Ontario after he trashed the province and said it was the 'last place' to invest.

The Conservative Party has generally ignored the issues facing Ontario as they have been more worried about trying to buy Quebec or trying to show too much support for the East for fears that the West may question their loyalties. My faith lies with the judgement of Ontarians, however. We experienced the Flaherty road-show for too many years and were right to initially mistrust the empty promises of Harper. Ontario will gladly take the funding the Conservatives are offering but they shouldn't expect anything in return - let alone, support. After all, the $7 billion likely came from Ontario in the first place.


Lizt. said...

trying to get votes and trying to outdo Dion. and it was money the former government had allowed, some of it, at least. I think money to buy votes will not resonate in Ontario , as it did in Quebec.

Anonymous said...

Most of this, if not all of it, is not new money, these infrastructure dollars were announced in 2006. Their just getting off their lazy asses and are getting money finally moving. Then they hold a press release acting like they are doing some special when they are only doing what they promised two years ago.

Kyle said...

Doesn't that just make it worse, though? The fact that they're going to make a huge deal out of something that has already been 'given' to Ontario... only because Dion is pretty much calling for an election?

Anonymous said...

Libs did it when they were in last federally. McGuinty's been doing it in Ontario ever since he first got in. Announces funding that he announced the previous season but didn't distribute. You people have very selective memories!

Kyle said...


Selective? Nope. Just because I didn't delve into the past doesn't mean I'm denying that similar things may have happened. But while we're at it, let's add Harris to your list... The point of my post was to talk about this instance of trash from this junk-pile of a government.

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