June 20, 2008

Attacking Dion not Conservatives Best Move

Our bumbling Prime Minister has set off to the West to spread his virulent brand of fear in an attempt to bring Dion and the new carbon plan down. While this strategy may have worked in the past (i.e. Dion is not a leader), and with the exception of Alberta, it may not work now. The difference this time around is that Harper has very little, if any, credibility left, especially in regards to accountability, leadership and the environment, and the Conservatives are bankrupt of any ideas beyond childish retorts and deceitful attack ads.

Harper can attack the Liberal Carbon plan all he likes. The fact of the matter is that Canadians are well aware that Harper speaks with no credibility on the issue. Harper trashed Kyoto and tried to sell his own 'Made-In-Canada' Clean Air Act that was based on hollow targets rather than real numbers. Even reviews of the plans by arms-length government programs gave Harper's policies a big thumb down while emphasizing the shell game the Conservatives were playing with the figures. More recently Harper and his group of whiners attacked the historic agreement between Ontario and Quebec to develop a carbon trading program. And now they are going after Dion's carbon tax program. All the while they are pushing an idea of intensity targets and lots of patience (before it becomes effective). However, this program has already been rejected by pretty much everyone in the world because it doesn't really do anything except waste paper.

Dion is right to believe that Canadians are intelligent enough to know the difference between what he is offering and the Conservatives offering of 'truthiness'.

The attack ads the Conservatives are pushing are likely to help Dion and his plan. The ads will bring attention to the carbon tax plan and Stephane Dion. If the Conservatives are so afraid of the carbon tax program that they have to run out and try to discredit it through deception, many Canadians may deduce that the plan is significant. Canadians are likely skeptical enough at this point to take much of what the Conservatives do or say with a grain of salt. Especially when Harper and Kenney are running around making jackasses out of themselves predicting a doomsday scenario. The funny part is that Harper has essentially done this to himself by being consistently poor when it comes to his words versus reality. The politics of division and fear are beginning to die off and are no longer palatable to Canadians. Harper needs to learn that very quickly.

The Conservatives also seem to be overlooking something else in regards to Canadians and the carbon tax. Dion is being completely forthright when he refers to it as a tax. In the current political climate, new taxes are taboo. The only good time to refer to taxes is when your talking about cutting them. Any government looking to significantly increase taxes or create new ones are possibly staring at a death sentence. Good thing Dion's plan also calls for tax cuts. Thanks to the Chretien governments, balanced budgets without tax increases has become the norm. However, Dion is willing to put it all out there, giving Canadians the opportunity to exam it for themselves. This will get people to listen. While it's a gamble to talk of a new tax it will make people interested in the details. And with this plan being touted by environmentalists, economists and indirectly, the Green Party, Canadians will begin to realize that the carbon tax might be legitimate and reasonable for a 21st century Canada and the environment.

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