May 22, 2008

Survey on Natives

Last night I received a call from a survey/polling company. The questions were about Native issues and government strategies to deal with those. It became obvious that a certain level of government is looking for input on whether or not they should make it an issue to work on or go with the status quo.

Some of the earlier questions were about my personal feelings on the state of Natives' living conditions, their claims, etc. The questions then went on to how I feel about the methods that have been used to draw attention to these issues. There was then a group of questions on how the government has handled past and current issues. The last grouping seemed to be focused on how supportive I would be of resolving these issues and whether or not handing Natives money and land was something I would support.

At first I thought the questions seemed fairly benign and that it could have possible been a survey being taken for Natives. However, the further along we got in the survey the questions became very focused around the issue of government involvement and the like. The later questions didn't even feel like they were neutral in the sense that I was asked about land and money several times. And the wording of those questions felt negative or antagonistic about the issue of using land and money as pieces to assist in settling issues.

I just wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone else has been contacted about with this survey and get further feedback. It seems as though the federal or provincial government (though I highly suspect it's the federal) is fishing for some public response on settling land claims, etc. I worry that since the tone of some of the questions weren't necessarily neutral that the responses will also be tainted and may provide someone an excuse to continue passing off on their responsibilities and leaving Natives behind.

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