May 28, 2008

PM Touts Our Green Record OR How the PM is Preparing for Life After Power

The following is from today's Toronto Star

May 28, 2008 09:15 AM


BONN, Germany –

Prime Minister Stephen Harper praised Canada's environmental record today during a speech at a UN bioversity conference in Bonn, Germany.

Following the PM's speech the international delegates promptly broke out into a chorus of laughter. Harper was also praised afterwards for showing a sense of humour despite his reputation for being stiff.

One delegate was overheard saying, "I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It's too bad [Harper] didn't have more material. He definitely made this conference tolerable."

Harper is using this trip to lay the groundwork for the upcoming G8 meeting this summer in Japan, where he will do a full comedy set. In Japan, Harper will focus on the environment and other topics such as accountability and social equality.

Harper will now meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, before heading to Rome, to get advice on how to improve his language and delivery.


Saskboy said...

As much as it would pain me that they'd be laughing at Canada, it would have sent the correct message to Harper.

Kyle said...

I'm sure he's getting a slightly altered message from some of the European leaders. Harper and his plan were written off several times in the past already by these leaders and others. They'll realize this all about acting at this point. They'll likely nod and smile and then politely decline in the end.

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