March 07, 2008

From a Snowball to an Avalanche?

It isn't exactly a revelation that many grassroots Liberals are beginning to wonder what the hell the leaders and advisers are doing. From Dion to his caucus to their cronies and so forth, all have talked tough when it comes to the many questionable actions of Harper and the Conservatives. Yet, when push to comes to shove our fearful fearless leaders renege pretty much every time. The scratching of heads by many Liberal and non-Liberal bloggers has reached exponential heights. Scott Tribe has documented the questioning that has been going on in the blogosphere and on any given day you can pick up the angst from non-bloggers over at Progressive Bloggers. While most Liberal bloggers are just expressing frustration and venting on the lack of action by our leaders, one blogger, Apply-Liberally, who is also a valuable Young Liberal, has completely pulled his support for the party.

My frustrations run deep now and I’ve decided I will no longer consider myself a Liberal supporter.
The icing on the cake came today when I was reading a note written by a Liberal MP lambasting the Conservatives over scandal and corruption allegations inside the current government. The tone was that the Conservatives have broken the trust of Canadians. There was a laundry list of examples. There wasn’t, however, any solutions. There has been no attempt to toss this government out.

His sentiments are not unique to him, either. Hearing from some local candidates the feeling is also being heard at the doors of supporters and potential supporters. A couple weeks ago people were more than willing to talk about the state of the government and issues. Today they are expressing frustration and are laughing at the state of the Liberal Party. It is not going unnoticed that the Liberal leadership isn't willing to walk the walk. I also have my doubts that this view is going to just up and disappear in the near future.

The risk the Liberal Party is facing is becoming irrelevant in the eyes of voters. If our party isn't going to stand up against our poor excuse for a government then what do they stand for? If they are waiting for the perfect issue to bring the government down on, I can tell you right now that short of a full, blown out scandal that this Conservative government isn't likely to give the Opposition much to run with. What they have done though is given the Opposition A LOT of little issues and these combined have given us enough fodder to strike with if an election were held now. Our leaders have to stop listening to their advisers and put their ears to the ground to hear what their grassroots members are saying, just like they said they would do during and immediately after the leadership selection. If not, not only do they run the risk of becoming irrelevant as the opposition but they also run the risk of alienating all their members, AGAIN!

It's time for the Liberals to stand for something and fight the good fight before all the quiet chatter becomes a chorus and the party walks off into the distance...

Update: My. Point. Exactly.


Saskboy said...

If Dion and gang can't hear the rumbling by now, they are going to get run over by the people leaving the party. Heck, I left the party years ago, and Liberals are still disappointing me, when I don't have a horse in the race so to speak.

WesternGrit said...

Or they're going to get run over by a new leadership team... Palace coup anyone??? I certainly hope not - but this may be the way it flows...

ALW said...

All of this presupposes that Dion cares what the grassroots says...

Kyle said...

Saskboy, I completely agree. And like you, I also left the party a few years ago when Martin took over and became a dictator. I rejoined because Dion was supposed to usher in true renewal, unlike the renewal Martin talked about. That seems to be going by the way-side these days.

Westerngrit, I'm all about a palace coup at this stage. I like Dion but I think he's being handled too much by advisers which I'm pretty sure are the same group that Martin had run his dismal stint as leader. It's time the entrenched old guys get the hell out because they're burying the party in obscurity.

ALW, I think Dion does care but I doubt he's getting the message straight from the grassroots. I'm pretty sure the message is being filtered several times over. Of course, this may also mean that Dion isn't the right candidate to lead the party if he isn't willing to step past these clowns and get the message himself.

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