March 01, 2008

As If We Needed Another Reason...

... but this one is just as good, if not better, than all the others. And it looks like it might just happen, though I'm not holding my breath.

Cadman affair sparks election threat - Toronto Star

"The (Liberal) party may have to reconsider, in light of the allegations, whether it ought to prop up the government now facing ethical allegations that go right to the top," Dan McTeague (Pickering-Scarborough East) said.

"If this story is not discredited substantially in the next 48 hours, I am sure that a number of our colleagues will be very keen come Monday to pull the plug on this (minority) government," said Liberal MP Garth Turner (Halton).

There have been many Liberals, including myself, and non-Liberals calling for an election for quite some time now. Whether it's been an election over the inaction with the environment, detainee transfers and torturing in Afghanistan, poor governance by the Conservatives (i.e. lying, misrepresention, lack of transparency and accountability, etc.), etc. This list can go on as bloggers such as Scott Tribe and JimBobby have repeatedly pointed out. This latest development involving Chuck Cadman is another good reason to go to the polls.

Breaking the law and offering a bribe to buy a vote is a serious crime - Patrick Monahan, Dean of Osgoode Law, emphasised that himself several times on CTV yesterday. Let's also be honest, if the tables were turned there would be little doubt that the Conservatives would bring down the House themselves.

Many Liberals have been questioning why our party has been playing the part of the ostrich with its head in the sand when it comes to triggering an election. We have issues to run on, we have a strong core of leaders to put in front of the public (many more than the Cons have), and we know that the Conservatives are unlikely to get any more power than they already have. So why not take our chances with the public? The Liberals are only likely to gain in an election and the more seats the Liberals have the better off Canada will be because it sure hasn't been good so far with the Conservatives but it definitely can get worse.


wilson said...

''Let's also be honest, if the tables were turned there would be little doubt that the Conservatives would bring down the House themselves.''

No, they wouldn't cause an election over allegations with no evidence.
Adscam had a paper trail and person's admitting guilt.
Cadscam has nothing to back up the claims, just some hearsay.
Stevie Cameron's less than factual book is still fresh on peoples mind.

Kyle said...

That's right... all the illegal happenings that took place were proven before the election.

Sorry, that's not how it happened. There was speculation that needed to be investigated but no, the paper trail wasn't that damaging legally only in perception at the time. This Cadman situation also wouldn't be much different from how the Conservatives used the Goodale situtation.

wilson said...

There are still Adscam investigations going on.
There will likely be more charges laid.

Before the last election, Gomery was complete and the Liberal party had admitted guilt by paying back Adscam bucks to Canadian taxpayers.

Kyle said...

I doubt any of the charges will be laid against members of the Liberal party, let alone Paul Martin.

Gomery wasn't complete. The preliminary report was given but the full details hadn't been released and in the end many of the accusations turned out to be nothing more than hot air coming from the Conservatives.

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