January 10, 2008

On Preserving Canada's National Igloo

H/T to CalgaryGrit and Braeden Caley:

I knew I had heard the name Mike Huckabee somewhere prior to the Republican presidential candidacy race. Thanks to the two bloggers above, I realize that I am not crazy. Huckabee is the infamous Arkansas governor that made the cut for one of Rick Mercer's popular Talking to Americans segments. In Huckabee's clip he gave his support for Canada's preserving of our national igloo.

Last summer I had the opportunity to see Rick Mercer live while I was at a conference in Quebec City. Mercer's talk was a mix of personal reflection and comedy (obviously) that all leads to some deep thoughts on careers. A large part of his speech involved showing clips, several which came from his Talking to Americans segments, including the Huckabee piece. The funniest part was not the clip but Mercer's account of how he had to build up the nerve to actually attempt pulling it off and how scared he was the entire time waiting for Huckabee to do this. I'll provide the gist of the story but it will in no way be nearly as funny as Mercer giving the tale.

Right after Mercer had decided to attempt a meeting with Huckabee he noticed that outside of the Governor's office there was a prison works program taking place. There were several men in jumpsuits, chain ganged together, setting up the nativity scene for the upcoming holidays and these men were being carefully watched by guards with shotguns. What Mercer noticed was that the men were supposed to be in a particular order that corresponded with the setting up of baby Jesus' crib. However, where baby Jesus should have been last, he was actually first. When the prisoners realized the mistake and attempted to correct themselves, one of the men tripped and the guards apparently got brave and were quick to draw their guns to provide 'encouragement' to the prisoners to get their acts together. Now, when you're about to attempt to pull a prank on a Governor and the first thing you see are guards with guns and how quick they are to use them for 'encouragement', you can imagine how nervous you would feel, especially in the case you get called out. Obviously though, Mercer soldiers on.

Once inside, Mercer speaks with an administrator, explains that he is there doing a story on this Canadian issue and getting American reactions, etc. The administrator asks him to wait while they speak with someone and Mercer figures he's finished at this point. However, one of Huckabee's aids come out and asks him a few questions, takes his name, which he gives honestly, and then leads him to another room to wait in while they speak with someone else. At this point, Mercer figures they are researching the supposed issue and him and will quickly escort him to one of the armed guards waiting outside. Again, an aid, different from the first, comes in, speaks with him, takes his name, asks him to wait and leaves. Again, this time they must be surely researching something and will realize what's going on. However, another aid comes in but this time takes him to wait outside Huckabee's office.

After escorting Mercer to Huckabee's office. Mercer is asked to wait because Huckabee is conferencing at the moment, but before leaving the third aid again asks for information and takes his name, then promptly leaves. At this point, Mercer figures that at least one of these aids are going to do a little background research but up until now, that doesn't seem to be the case. Anyway, after a few minutes, Huckabee comes out of his office, talk to Mercer about the igloo in question and then says, "Let's do this!"

Just before they are begin to start an aid appears and is desperately trying to get Huckabee's attention before he goes on to make the well-known comments. After a few minutes of trying to get his attention, the aid succeeds and Huckabee quietly conferences with the aid. At this point, this aid must have finally realized what was going on and is outing Mercer. Huckabee finishes talking with the aid, turns around and faces Mercer with a very serious look on his face. He walks up to Mercer and says something to the effect of,

"Alright, so my assistant has brought up a matter of concern and I want you to be honest with me. Be completely straightforward with me: Is this national igloo a controversial igloo?"

Obviously, Mercer answers 'no', we get to laugh at Huckabee's expense and Mercer promptly runs away and leaves the state of Arkansas as fast as possible.

It's a crappy account of the story and obviously Mercer tells it much better. However, I thought it is worth providing anyway in light of Huckabee trying to become the next Republican presidential candidate.

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