January 29, 2008

It's Time...

Simply put - It's time to bring the House down and go to the polls. In a completely unoriginal post I want to echo the sentiments of Scott Tribe, Jason Cherniak, JimBobby, and countless others. To my own credit though, I thought the time was way back in the fall when the House reconvened.

I don't even see a reason to hesitate. I don't believe an election prior to the spring budget will change the Liberals chances to gain seats any more than it will during the budget. It's not like Harper has shown any leadership or willingness to actually govern the country. And things are even worse for him when he's not controlling the messages that are being printed in the media, which right now he seems to have no influence whatsoever. Which is fine because most of what he says is only for the purpose of deflection from his mistakes or to make another non-announcement about a program that is already in place and was already presented. But that's what happens when you don't have any plans except how to dupe the public into thinking you're actually governing rather than running an extended election campaign.

Right now, Harper is probably at his weakest. Between the environment, Afghanistan, the nuclear generator, etc. Harper is fully exposed. Waiting for the budget might shut the window on the exposure a little and make the fight a little tougher. I say, go after him when he's down the most. That seems to be now.

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MrvnMouse said...

I agree fully, bring the government down now, or as soon as possible. The NDP and Libs should push hard right now.

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