December 28, 2007

Hometown Pride: Walter Gretzky Receives Order of Canada

It's not very often I speak of my hometown of Brantford in a positive manner or actually refer to it by its actual name but seeing Walter Gretzky receive the Order of Canada is a worthy story to smile about. This is long overdue, in my opinion, and there are few that deserve this honour more than him.

Walter has served his community for many years whether it was through volunteerism, speaking engagements, charity work, etc. To Brantford, at least, he is more than just Wayne Gretzky's father but a wonderful citizen and role model who has touched the lives of many children and adults.

The number of stories I have heard from friends and acquaintances about his generousity and out reach to others are too numerous for me to count but always the impression he leaves on them is the same; it's positive and lasting.

Congratulations to Walter for being a recipient of the Order of Canada.

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