November 18, 2007

Putting Children's Health First

It's about time that this ban was put in place.

With all the research pointing towards the health issues associated with second-hand smoke combined with parents' obligation to protect their children at all costs, this only makes sense. It's taken too long for any municipality to step up and do this, but late is better than never. Wolfville will hopefully become a starting point for bans across the country. Children shouldn't have to be subject to the addictions of their parents, especially when it has an adverse effect on their own health.

'Nuff said...

N.S. town could ban smoking in cars with minors - CTV
Wolfville mayor expects smoking bylaw to pass - CTV


ALW said...

Even as a libertarian I think I could support this. It is a rights violation for children.

Kyle said...

Essentially that is the way I see it as well.

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