November 06, 2007

Investigating Mulroney Ideal for Both Liberals and Conservatives

Allegedly, Brian Mulroney is a great con. Not only is being accused of scamming a crooked businessman but he is now being accused of getting away with scamming the government out of money. The Liberals have made this recent ‘turn of events’ their issue of the day and have asked the Conservatives to open (re-open?) an investigation into the entire matter. The Conservatives have replied by plugging their ears and pretending nothing has happened.

The ultimate question about the entire issue is this: Why would either side care?

In regards to the Conservatives, why would they care if Mulroney is investigated? Mulroney is a past Prime Minister of a party that was essentially put to pasture, there are no obvious connections to or influence over the current Conservative Party and Mulroney’s ‘legacy’ is pretty much lower than dirt. So why would Harper and his gang worry about the outcome of a review or investigation into Mulroney’s dealings?

If the Conservatives are truly serious about issues of justice and law and order – not only when the t.v. cameras are rolling – an investigation would be a strong way of showing their commitment. Otherwise, if the RCMP start one of their own or the opposition find a way to have one started and things go bad for Mulroney, you can believe that the Conservatives are going to be hammered on ‘protecting’ a criminal.

And that is exactly why the Liberals are pushing so hard for this to happen. When the Conservatives bucked at the idea of looking into the Mulroney issue, the Liberals saw an opening and decided to kick the door in and burst right in. The Mulroney issue provides several opportunities for the Liberals. One is that if Mulroney is found guilty after an investigation, the Conservatives will look like they were covering up for one of their own, though there is no hard connection at this point. And therefore the Conservatives will look like hypocrites on the law and order agenda.

Another opportunity is for Dion to change the channel in the news. It’s no secret that Dion has been blasted for his supposed poor and weak leadership, especially after him abstaining from the throne speech and economic update/mini-budget. Going after Mulroney and the subsequently the Conservatives will help take the pressure off of Dion by distracting people with the news.

Lastly, there is also the issue of the Conservatives having three of their own investigations against them. If any of these three come to fruition while the Conservatives are either denying the request for an investigation into Mulroney or around the time he’s found guilty, the Conservatives will be accused of having a historical and systemic problem of crime and being hypocrites.

It won’t matter that Mulroney did these things after being Prime Minister because it’s all about optics at that point. The skewed logic will go like this:
Mulroney is a criminal – Mulroney is a Conservative – the Conservatives broke the law = historic and systemic problems.
It may not be perfect logic but it will likely be enough for the media and the opposition to produce negative optics against the Conservatives.

At this point it seems strange that the Conservatives aren't willing to cave into the opposition's demands. I would think it would be better to rid yourself of the problem before it becomes your own or takes on a life of its own. However, since the Conservatives do not seem to be in the mood for entertaining opposition demands, the Liberals are doing the right thing by making this the issue of the day and keeping the interest alive.

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