November 23, 2007

Harper All Alone Let's Canada and the Confederation Down on Climate Change

I wanted to go on a tirade and make another example of Harper and his Conservatives letting the ball drop even further by being the lone stand out on a new climate change agreement within the Confederation. (Sorry, I should point out that Australia is also holding out but that will change by this time tomorrow when they have a new, and more enlightened, government elected.) However, instead I'm going to just link to my colleagues who have covered the topic extensively and quite well. The blogs range from the left to the right of the political spectrum but the theme is pretty much the same on this issue: Harper is essentially no longer showing signs of leadership, just pure ideological nonsense.

It's better to do something now, no matter how small, than deal with the bigger consequences later and are no longer able to act. Everyone is out excuses at this point, though Harper seems willing to tread over old ones.

Impolitical - John Baird's Canada: we're all talk and now an environmental international pariah
Vijay Sappani - Harper thinks ?outstanding? means ?standing out? !
Scott Tribe - Canada?s back? More like Canada?s a pariah.
Apply-Liberally - Harper to the Commonwealth
DeSmogBlog - Global warming is a problem for rich countries to solve, China says
The Galloping Beaver - A song for Stephen
Quito Maggi - Harper, the small man of the Commonwealth?
The Red Tory - Harper?s Canada: Alone & Uncool
Accidental Deliberations - Off Target
Cathie from Canada - Kyoto Lite?

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ALW said...

I've written a post on this on my blog. Your thoughts are of course always welcome.

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