November 30, 2007

And While We're On the Topic of Activist Judges...


As POGGE mentions, it will be all too soon before some Conservatives begin making baseless claims of 'anti-Americanism' and 'activist judges'. However, anyone with a sense of reason and somewhat of a conscience can see that this was destined to happen and it should be the case.

Canada has already seen one of its own sent off to a third party country to be tortured. And wrongly, I might add. Another Canadian is being held in Guantanamo Hell without any type of just judicial process in place. There are also debates taking place amongst policy and decision makers in the U.S. as to whether or not waterboarding constitutes torture, aside of the debates about whether or not they should allow torture in the first place.

This is simple, if the Americans are willing to send people away to be tortured or are willing to torture people themselves while also arresting and holding thousands of people without a justification, then Canada should not in any way be involved. And if that means we can no longer send refugees back to the U.S. because it would violate our own laws to do so, then that is what we must do. We can squabble all we want about how to treat terrorist prisoners, the validity of torture as an interogation tool, or even whether or not the U.S. is right, etc. The point is that current Canadian and U.N. laws and conventions declare we will not be party to such actions and therefore the judge was correct in throwing out the Safe Third Country Agreement.

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