October 23, 2007

What's That? The Christian Right are Complaining?

*yawn. rolls over and goes back to sleep?*

How many times is the general public going to have to be victims to the Christian conservatives’ conspiracies of the gay community trying to convert our children or some other type of ignorant rant? At what point do they stop and think about their hypocrisy and other problems that are rampant within their denominations?

I thought it was bad enough that Christian right had already condemned the Harry Potter series. What is worse is that 97% of them hadn’t even read the series and were just listening to some ignorant bigot, who also hadn’t read the series, stand on a pulpit and also condemn the books. Now that Rowling has ‘outted’ her main sage, it is definitely a guarantee that these Christian conservatives will never read the book and just spout uneducated and ignorant opinions even more.

If I were American, I might have just sued Ms. Rowling for the entire emotional trauma that I have suffered by her inflaming of the Christian right. But alas, I live in Canada and I also don’t care about who Dumbledore is in love with. And really should anyone? I’ve read the series and consider myself a big fan of both the novels and films. I read the first three books in five days, for crying out loud. Not once did I have dreams or thoughts about other men because of the words of Dumbledore. And look at Harry Potter. In the end he married a woman and had children. There is no conspiracy just as is there is no hidden meaning behind any of the words attributed to Dumbledore. The meanings of all his wisdom do not change just because he is apparently gay. Good advice is still good advice no matter your sexual orientation. Therefore, that can’t be taken away from the books or the author.

What this whole thing does is once again paint all Christians, because of the few, in a bad light. Why? Because once again the Christian right is showing that they are intolerant, hypocritical and narrow minded. Rather than be non-judgmental, accepting, caring, compassionate, sympathetic, etc. – like we were instructed to be by Christ himself – they would rather condemn and marginalize those that are likely in need of those same traits. Rather than thinking in the terms of what Christ may have done in this situation they would rather make all Christians look like hypocrites.

Here’s a very relevant quote to this discussion from the Christian band DC Talk. “The greatest single cause of Atheism in the world today is Christians…” The Christian right are front and centre of that movement every time they or their leadership stand up on their soapboxes and hypocritically pass judgment while their own leaders get caught in scandals of their own. But maybe that’s the point.

Maybe the Christian conservatives intentionally go after others to deflect and distract from their own issues. That might explain why Rick Mercer jokingly, though probably correctly, points out that groups like Focus on the Family ‘think about gay sex more than gay people do’ and you could include people such as the late Jerry Falwell in that category as well. Or what about those like Benny Hinn who makes millions convincing others that he can heal people and sells Bibles that he autographs himself. Attacking other s is about creating controversy elsewhere and putting others into corners so the same isn’t being done to them when their own hypocrisy is brought to light. However, dealing with their issues is something that needs serious addressing but I have little faith in that happening soon because they’ll probably lose their own in the process. And therefore, the attacks from the Christian right will continue, no matter how ignorant or hypocritical it rightly makes them, but wrongly makes the rest of us, look.

However, maybe Christian conservatives are correct in objectifying the Harry Potter series as evil. After all, on the same day Rowling is in Toronto further defending her outing of Dumbledore, Jim Flaherty – our Conservative Minister of Finance – was on TV bragging how he just bought, not one, but two copies of the final book. If that wasn’t a sign of the Apocalypse, I’m not sure what is…

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