December 15, 2006

With Friend's Like This...

On Wednesday, former PM Mulroney conceded that the Conservatives have royally screwed on the environmental issue. While Mulroney was likely trying to provide some guidance to Harper on how to handle some of the issues Canadians are concerned with (which doesn't include tax and program cuts), it ended up confirming what critics have been saying all along. According to Mulroney, "I think there's more work to be done on that, both substantively and presentationally..." In other words, do something real and do it soon.

Then on Thursday, a top US State Department official, Tom Shannon, offered this nice statement about the Canadian Conservatives and the Republicans, in that they share an "important ideological affinity." This, much like Mulroney's quote, confirmed what many people have been saying for a long time - Harper's government is a far-right, ideological party. It is well known that Canadians' opinions are far from being favourable towards the Republicans, but to have a politician, that is arguably an ally to both Bush and Harper, confirm this, speaks volumes. And if this is true (which I tend to believe it is) then Canadians can know what to expect in terms of social policy. Nothing. What they can expect is a government hell-bent on tearing apart our social programs, cutting necessary taxes and running the government in ways that are contradictory to the views of the majority of Canadians. It also explains a lot...

These are the little things that the opposition has to seize on and expose. You want proof that the Conservatives have no real plans for the environment... listen to Mulroney, their ally. You want an idea of the true motivations of this Conservative government... listen to what Tom Shannon is saying. With an election probably just around the corner, these are gifts that we (those who oppose the Conservatives) need to spread and bring to the rest of the public.

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