December 01, 2006

To Come Full Cirlce...

This has been a long time coming. Today, I am officially resigning my membership in the NDP. And I am re-joining the Liberals.

There was no one specific event that helped me make up my mind about my return to the Liberal fold. It has been a switch that I have pondered for just under a year. I have been talking to friends who are involved with the Liberals and the feeling I got from them about many different aspects reminded me of why I originally joined the Liberals. I also wanted to avoid any speculation from naysayers, assuming there might be some, that I was 'jumping on the bandwagon' of the new leader. As of this point, there is no new leader yet.

I resigned my membership with the Liberals shortly before Paul Martin crowned himself king and in the process divided the party. I was one those people who didn't believe the rhetoric of renewal under Martin would come to fruition. If the new leader was willing to divide the party for his own gain then he really wasn't being much of a leader. Expressing that opinion openly wasn't viewed as being loyal to the party and any of us that believed that were essentially considered outcasts. And shortly before that I had been skeptical about the leadership of McGuinty. Therefore, I let go and joined the NDP, hoping for something more.

I have nothing really negative to say about the NDP. They have some great ideas and ideals and they have done a lot for the progress of Canada. I just didn't ever feel apart of them, not in the same manner as I had when I was with the Liberals. This is strange to say really since I generally lean far to the left. I have also spent a lot of time attacking Liberal policies, especially when it comes to Ontario and energy. However, while I still find myself skeptical in some areas when it comes to the Ontario government, it has been less so of late. And with the Federal party letting go of the past and heading towards real renewal, I feel as though rejoining the Liberals would be the right decision to make.

I still hold reservations towards one of the potential leaders; that being Ignatieff. He reminds me too much of the 'old guard' Liberals, the ones that made members such myself feel unwanted. However, I don't believe things will turn out that way in the event that he wins. I actually don't think he'll win anyway. My choice for leader is Gerard Kennedy. I think he'll truly bring a renewal of the party and reinvigorate the Liberals with a forward, progressive set of ideals.

Only time (1 day in fact) will tell who become leader and the direction the Liberals will take from, here on in. This will not mean I will end my criticism on decisions that I feel are poor ones. I can only hope that it instead, within a newly reunited party that different points of view will be accepted. In the end of it all, I hope that I'm making the right decision in re-joining the Liberals. And with that, my membership within the NDP is officially over (I guess this also means that my feed into the Blogging Dippers will come to an immediate end).

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Robert said...

I guess this also means that my feed into the Blogging Dippers will come to an immediate end.

I only remove blogs from the BD feed if asked to or if the blog goes dead.

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