December 20, 2006

Harper's Lowest Point Yet

Aside of watching the general news to find purpose in life, I also spend time watching sports updates. Sportsnet just showed a clip of a Stephen Harper interview. It is now plain obvious that he is desperate to gain votes in Toronto. In this interview he pandered to the lowest common denominator of Ontario's citizens... he praised the Maple Leafs.

There was something about the Leafs being well-balanced and other utter crap. While I will admit that Harper was right, the Leafs have some good young players, anything else beyond that, especially expressing anything that resembles being confident in the team, is unnecessary and pure pandering.

Everyone knows that the Canadian team closest to winning the Stanley Cup, especially this year, is obviously the Montreal Canadiens. If any Canadian team is well balanced and full of future superstars and deserves the confidence of their fans, it's the Habs.

I've said this many times: The Leafs will never win a Cup in my lifetime and the Habs will win at least one in every decade in which I'm breathing.

Oh yeah, did I mention I've lived in Ontario my entire life (only 45 minutes from Toronto) and still I'm a Habs fan.

That's all...

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