December 20, 2006

Biofuel Announcement from Ambrose and Strahl

I'm watching CTV at the moment where Ambrose and Strahl are announcing "meaningful steps" to adopt a biofuel commitment.

The results are apparently concrete and bolster the Clean Air Act. They are going to require all gasoline to include 5% ethanol and other fuels to have 2% by 2010 and 2012. Apparently these are short term goals... They are also apparently already pieces of the Clean Air Act or something to that effect.

Strahl just keeps mentioning something about all of this, 'being good new for farmers.'

So far this has been nothing more than an announcement to say, 'we've f****d up with the environment and farmers and our poll indications show this and we need to hold an optics-based press conference to save our asses.'

It's so interesting and new that CBC News and CTV Newnet aren't even showing the entire thing. CBC went back to showing Dubya's press conference.

I love how the Conservatives, ever since the final day of sitting, has been on a media tour and practically giving election-type optics at every turn. If this isn't a sign that they are acknowledging they've screwed up and are bleeding support, I don't know what is...

I'll blog more about the specifics later...


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Kyle said...

I wish I could have given more specifics as they were being mentioned but Ambrose obviously had a list of talking points she had to run off, and she speaks faster than I type.

Strahl just kept saying the same thing over and over. "This wil be good for farmers". Which really translates to, "I've lost the support of farmers, who are about to hold a press conference with Dion, and I need to convince them I'm not the enemy in spite of putting their livelihoods at risk".

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