December 13, 2006

All Gimmicks, All The Time

I'm sitting around watching Politics with Don Newman and he has a panel of MPs discussing Harper's revolutionary plan to apparently 'reform the senate'. The Conservative MP (who's name is escaping me - not like it matters to me... Or Harper) is already towing the party line. He's spewing crap about how the people will finally get a democrat senate and they will be pleased that they get to decide who goes into the senate. The other MPs pipe up and poke a billion holes in the plan and what is his reply? The same crap he just said prior to it being torn apart. He's on broken-record mode. I guess the Conservative party brass didn't provide the guy with enough talking points to give a substantial rebuttal to the criticism (or they're playing the Goebbels game, again [wink!]).

If anything, the whole charade just made me frustrated. How far does the Conservatives disdain for democracy and lack of respect for Canadians run? So far the Conservatives have not contributed anything substantial to the Canadian public and they consistently refuse to answer questions about their lack of real governing.

This new senate announcement is the perfect example. While Canadians are able to choose their favourite person for senate, it has to be done so from a list of candidates chosen by the government and then the government gets the final say about who actually will get the senate seat. That isn't contributing to democracy. It's nothing more than re-jigging some of the procedures to support the same problem. If anything it closely emulates the so-called changes the Cons' made to the process of selecting our Superior Judges where they'll allow judges to be questioned but the PM still has final say.

And then there's the announcement by Rona the Useless about banning mercury from car manufacturing. While the plan itself is laudable it's the timing of it that is questionable. Much like this senate announcement, the mercury plan came on the last day of sitting until the new year. Both of these were announced today in hopes of turning around the poor public perception the Cons have been receiving of late. But can we blame the public for having a general poor outlook? Definitely not.

The public is probably tired of being played for fools by our government. They tried to express that during our last election when, as it is becoming more blatantly clear, they voted against the Liberals and not for the Conservatives. Yet, rather than governing, the Conservatives have continued to display their disdain for ordinary Canadians.

  • They've tried to pull a fast one with the 'change' in the Supreme Court nominations.
  • They tabled a poor and obvious partisan Accountability Act.
  • They've cut and made cuts to Social Programs.
  • They tabled the Clean Air Act which wasn't worth the paper it was printed on and therefore wasted valuable trees.
  • They've attempted to sell-out Canada's softwood lumber industry and are attempting to do the same with our wheat out West.
  • They announced the chemical-ban plan that cut the number of noted chemicals by more than half and doesn't have the teeth it needs.
  • They created an apparent Universal Child-Care program that does nothing for child care.
  • And now they're trying to reform the senate selection.

The Conservatives have no substance to them or their plans. They are nothing more than ideologists who are hell bent on doing what they feel like while trying to fool Canadians that they are something more than what they are. So far they have only proven all their nay-sayers right; they only have their own interests at heart. It's only one gimmick after another in an attempt to gain the favour of voters so they can continue on with their need for control so they can push an agenda that doesn't mesh with most Canadians. It's all about optics. And that is unfortunate and will come back to haunt them because Canadians, after the Liberals royally screwed up, are a little more aware and sceptical about what goes on in Ottawa.

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