November 16, 2006

Screwing Ontario Again: Another Great Point to Win an Election On.

It has been reported that the Conservatives have once again ignored the needs of Ontario. This time they have made deals with Alberta (surprise, surprise) and BC to help aid them with their labour problems. While Ontario has a large number of their labourers being extradited from the country, leaving the industrial sector in a lurch, Alberta and BC will now have a plan that will ease their own concerns. This is just another shot at the province with the largest number of voters and seats, and largest economic impact on the country.

At what point do the Conservatives understand that they are in a precarious position in regards to being in power? Statistically they are tied with the Liberals, they are essentially refusing to seriously address the two top public issues (health-care and environment), the Liberals are the verge of electing a leader with an apparent party renewal following closely behind. Yet, they still seem to think it wise to alienate the East (with the exception of Quebec) but worse still, Ontario.

At any moment, especially after the Liberals pick their leader, the House could fall and a second Conservative win is anything but assured. If that does happen what are the Conservatives going to run on? Sure they could say they balanced the budget and brought in large surpluses but the Liberals did the same thing for much longer. They could say they cut the GST but the other parties will only remind Canadians that they raised taxes in three other areas, including Income Trusts and Personal Income Taxes. Besides this, what else did they do?

  • They've constantly screwed Ontario, the province with most seats in the House.
  • They scrapped the semblance of an environmental plan for a piece of paper with nothing but the value of the ink used on it.
  • They scrapped social programs, some with that were useful.
  • They've made plans to revisit SSM despite the public viewing the issue as over.
  • They have muzzled Conservative MPs and Senators, and are hiding from the media, breaking their promise of greater transparency.
  • Appointed the previously unelected Fortier to Senate and then made him a Minister, and cut a deal with Emerson to have him cross the floor, breaking their promise of greater accountability.
  • Signed a softwood deal that screws over Canada's softwood industry.

With this kind of record the government should be anything but confident. The opposition will hammer these problems out, the Conservatives won't be able to avoid the media, and the Liberals will probably be riding a high from the attention the new leader will be getting. So screwing Ontario, again, at this point is probably one of the best, worst things the Conservatives can do right now... that is unless you're the Conservatives.

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