November 29, 2006

If at first you don't succeed....

Well it looks like since the Cons couldn't cut the Status of Women Canada program they instead decided to cut access.

"The Conservative government has stunned women's advocates with a decision to close three-quarters of the regional offices of Status of Women Canada.

Cabinet minister Bev Oda says 12 of the 16 offices will be shut by April 1.

Status of Women Canada is a federal agency that works to advance women's economic equality, human rights and eliminate violence against women."

Isn't this a minority government? I guess getting told that they were to keep the program because it is valuable and provides a great service by the majority of MP's, representing the majority of Canadians doesn't mean much. It's so sad that this government shows a complete lack or regard for the will of the people. It is also another move just to appease their base. Essentially ever decision the Cons have made thus far has been about either ideology or re-election. And since the latest Quebec nation move had just as much to do about trying to make gains in Quebec, but also had the effect of ticking off their supporters, I guess they had to do something to make it up to them. Let's not forget that when the Cons originally tried to cut the Status of Women's program it was because REAL Women, a socially conservative women's group, lobbied for the program to be cut. So if at first....

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