November 06, 2006

Dave and Me

This past weekend I attended a fundraiser in the booming metropolis of St.George. It was an elimination draw, dinner and silent auction event to raise money for the Onondaga Farms camp which is apart of the Tim Hortons Childrens Foundation.

One of the items up for auction was a lunch for two with Liberal MPP Dave Levac, the Chief Government Whip for Ontario in the near future. As luck would have it, I won the auction and I now have the opportunity to sit with an important member of our current provincial government.

While I have my own thoughts as to what I can talk about with Mr. Levac (we're both originally from Brantford, were/are educators and have some interest in politics), I want to also take suggestions or get questions from the broader community. If there are any (serious) questions or thoughts that some of you would like to have brought up then please make them in the comments section of this post. I'll take the ones that seem most reasonable to the table and see what Mr. Levac has to say. If you're overly concerned that I won't take some controversial points with me, have no fear... I'm currently a member of an opposition party, so I have questions/concerns of my own. After the visit is said and done, I will post a 'report' back here on my blog.

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