November 16, 2006

Ambrose the Useless

I realize Rona might be smart and modern, hold the title of Minister of the Environment, and is a potential eventual replacement for Harper. I get all that. What I don't get is that in spite of all these apparent positives is why she is so useless as a politician and representative of Canada?

The fact is, is that Ambrose hasn't done one solid thing for Canada or the environment - the second biggest concern with the Canadian public. She goes to represent Canada at an international environmental conference and the only thing she has to say for herself is that, 'The Liberals did it'. Or more accurately, 'The Liberals didn't do it'. Instead of standing up for our country, trying to develop ideas, or anything that has the semblance of progress, she would rather whine to the international consortium about what the last party in power may have or have not done. The best part is that the international consortium didn't buy into her game. And then she whined about that too.

In the minds of those that were unfortunate enough to see her sulk, they were probably thinking, 'Just because the Liberals did it, doesn't mean you should'. But then again, maybe they remembered that Ambrose publicly trashed the Kyoto Accord while holding the Chair. And maybe they remembered that while holding the Chair she also decided to opt Canada out of its commitments. And maybe they know that she tossed out the Liberals $10 billion environmental plan and replaced it with an official time line to table another time line.

All of these actions by Ambrose, the whining to the unsympathetic international delegates, and let's not forget her bold-faced lie about the $100 million the Liberals spent on carbon credits, are equal to a lot of inaction. What she did achieve though was the reputation that Canada is a fossil and unwilling to act in regards to environmental issue. In other words, Ambrose has done a lot nothing for this country and the environmental cause and has essentially looked like a immature-child in the process. Maybe that's why Harper wouldn't let her speak when it came time to announce the Conservatives so-called 'Made in Canada' non-plan to tackle environmental issues.


Saskboy said...

We have a Minister of Finance to screw with the environment. We don't need a Minister of the Environment to complain about finances and past Ministers.

Devin Maxwell said...


I am reminded of a quote from the movie "Dodgeball" where dodgeball legend Patches O'Houlihan tells one of the Average Joes, "you're about as useful as a poopy flavoured lollipop". I think it applies here.

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