October 26, 2006

So This Is What We Get?

As many people have already noticed, a Republican election ad running in Tennessee - besides being racist - mocks Canada and its role in the world. While I'm not necessarily surprised or thrilled by an attack ad being racist (Republicans are getting desperate at this point. i.e. Michael J. Fox, the Bin Laden ad) I am surprised at the jab thrown at Canada. First off, we're small on the election agenda in the U.S., let alone Tennessee. Secondly, with the relationship that the Republicans have with our current Conservative government I was shocked to know they would do this, especially knowing that the Canadian public has a dislike for Bush. Any chance the opposition in Canada has to link Harper with Bush and put a negative spin on it is a given that it will be taken, so I wouldn't think that the Republicans wouldn't want to hurt their brothers on the right. But there it is, an outright public attack on Canada. And this is after:

  • Harper's attempted sell-out of Canada's softwood lumber industry,
  • he changed Canada's mandate in Afghanistan,
  • the Conservatives backed a controversial U.S. supported-Guatemala for a UN security council seat,
  • Harper has begun toting the American-line on Israel.

Some of these decisions are not widely popular with the Canadian public and are clear moves to appease the American government. But I guess this is what we get for having our minority Conservative government sucking up to Bush and his Republican chums.

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Matt Burge said...

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