March 21, 2006

Suzuki and McGuinty

It's fascinating that McGuinty would publically admit that he considered Suzuki an idol when the Ontario government is making some really uneducated and ridiculous decisions regarding power. Why make a comment like that when it seems like you haven't really been listening? To stand up in front of Suzuki and make that statement is basically inviting him to challenge you... And challenge McGuinty he did.

I think it was a good move for Suzuki to speak out against the recommendation by the Ontario Power Authority to expand Ontario's nuclear power supply. Besides nuclear energy being a hazard to dispose of, it also comes with a high price tag. Ontario's first nuclear power plant ran over budget by triple the estimated cost. OPA says the cost will only be $40billion. Let's not forget though that Ontario currently runs in the red already which means we can't afford that kind of cost. Imagine the effect if that estimate were to run over by triple. Let's also not forget that the current nuclear power plants have also cost Ontario billions of dollars in repairs and upgrades to and then they eventually cost us our public energy program. When Suzuki starts speaking out against expanding nuclear power generation in Ontario, he isn't just rambling on and speaking 'lefty', he actually has full justification in being weary about OPA's recommendation to the province.

The best part came when Suzuki offered to be a spokesperson for a better alternative to nuclear power in Ontario. He explains that Ontario should focus more on alternative energy plans such as allowing homes and businesses to produce their own power and energy conservation. While it may take some real planning and campaigning to push these ideas to be more 'mainstream', Suzuki is the perfect person to have out there. The man holds a lot of weight and respect and used in a smart way, he could provide a real impact in changing the way energy is looked at in this province. I also think it would be stupid for McGuinty to reject an offer from such a respected Canadian. To reject the offer would give the impression that McGuinty isn't really trying to improve the system; that he isn't truly looking for progress.

The only setback to this whole plan is that not all of the alternative energy plans the Ontario government is looking to implement have a lot of meat to them. The plans, especially the one that allows residential and commercial energy production, are weak when it comes to incentives. There are no real incentives to invest in solar and wind projects except that part of your energy bill will get paid off by it. The problem is that for many people the cost to even install these projects are too high and the pay back time is too long. Other breaks such as tax incentives for the both the manufacturers and purchasers should be offered to encourage lower purchasing cost and better motivation to install.

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John said...

Hey Kyle,

I just wanted to throw it out there that in the same week that you post about Suzuki, I partied with his daughter out in Victoria.

Take care man.

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