March 02, 2006

Oh Mr. Emerson, why can't you just learn when to shutup?!

Emerson may be considered a very smart business man, but he is definitely turning out to be an idiot in politics and is providing a lot of material to be made the butt of many jokes.

First there was his comment about how he didn't think his defection would cause an uproar. That in business jumping ship is a normal, accepted practice. In reality Mr. Emerson, politics isn't a corporation and the government isn't business. Despite how much neo-conservatives wished they were the same, they aren't and should never be.

Then there was his comment about not running as a partisan. Could of fooled us... oh wait, you did! You see, when you run under the banner of a particular political party, especially when it's a party such as the Liberals, you've run as a partisan. Running as an independant would have signalled non-partisan status, not running under the white and red of the Liberals.

And then there's his musing of supporting the floor-crossing bill that would require MPs to sit as independants if they want out of their parties... One can only imagine how the line of reasoning about this comment played out in Emerson's head.

More recently he openly confessed that he actually believes if he were to run in a by-election he would most likely win. Has he even seen the numbers for the Conservatives in his riding? Not only did they lose that riding, they weren't even close to matching the numbers of the NDP who came second. His riding (Vancouver-Kingsway) has a history of voting Liberal and NDP. This is definitely not a centre-right riding. Vancouver-Kingsway voted to not be in the government by electing a Liberal despite all the warnings the Conservatives would win. This also begs the question that if Emerson is so sure he would win a by-election, why doesn't he run in one? Because he wouldn't win!!

At some point, Emerson needs to learn that he shouldn't be speaking in public. From what I can tell he mainly says inane things that only serve to make him look like an idiot. Maybe it's a good thing that he's no longer a Liberal. Ultimately, who would want to have a politician that is obviously clueless in politics? Well, I guess the Conservatives do...

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janfromthebruce said...

I don't think Emerson is dumb. I think he is just playing dumb, because any rational person would not be able to spin the way he does and think anybody would buy it.

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