February 06, 2006

Who else did they try to woo?

When Harper was asked about representation for Toronto he cited having Jim Flaherty in his cabinet. Let's be honest, having a member from Whitby representing Toronto isn't much different than having someone from Hamilton or even London representing Toronto. Just by the fact that Torontonians elect red-Liberals and Dippers and Whitby elects Conservatives shows there is a great divide between the two regions. It is also indicative of how much Harper knows about the dynamics of Toronto and the GTA. However, despite the hyprocisy and the lies, I'm willing to give Harper (a little) more credit. I have very little doubt that Harper also tried wooing MPs from the Toronto and Montreal centres. It'll be interesting to know if he possibly gave someone like Ken Dryden a call, though most likely Alan Tonks because he is somewhat socially conservative. Tonks would have most likely been a target because of this. Montreal isn't to be so clear because there is big mix of Liberals and Bloc members. Because of the Bloc's tendency to be left-wing and separitists it is likely that Harper skipped asking any of them to jump ship. However, even with the Liberal members in Montreal, it is hard pick any of them out because many have very progressive positions and/or have been long-time Liberals. The only one that seems to be out of the mix is Massimo Pacetti. Only time will tell if anyone admits to being offered deals to cross the floor and see how far the Conservatives hyprocisy really goes.

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Mark Dowling said...

GTA Grits who could have gone Tory - what about any Scarberian Liberal? They're all against same sex marriage and most of them are hang 'em/flog 'em on justice issues.

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