February 06, 2006

A Surprising Reaction from some Conservatives

Taking a quick glance over at Blogging Tories reveals that not all conservatives are supportive of neither of Harper's hypocritical moves - buying Emerson's loyalty and appointing Fortier to the senate. To get a sense of what some conservatives initial reaction was there are already two new blogs set up asking for Emerson to enter a by-election: Remove Emerson and Elect Emerson. Both of these blogs have been setup by conservatives and both are asking that Emerson be forced to run in a by-election.

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CanadianTruth said...

I think you will find this reaction from a majority of Conservative voters. We aren't the reptilian kitten eating ogres we're made out to be. :P

It shouldn't be surprising that people who stood againt the cabinet appointment of Stronach would also stand againt one that comes the other way.

To split hairs, the difference of course is that the Conservatives brought him over on the first day of an appointment to fill a file, while Stronach was bought in the crucial eleventh hour that would have seen the Martin government fall.

Either way smells a little of rotton eggs.

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