February 17, 2006

Portlands Project Another Band-Aid Solution

DemocraticSPACE.com has an excellent post about the Portlands Project being only a short-term solution. While the proposed power plant will cover the needs of Toronto in the short-term, by as early as 2010, Ontario could be in the same position it is in now; not producing enough in-province electricity. The province would then have to begin looking at its options all over again. There are other, better long-term solutions to Ontario's power problem. One of these, though politically it is close to being a deathwish for even suggesting it, is the creation of a trash-to-energy incinerator. There is even the suggestion it could be housed in the Durham region where a half-built generator, owned by OPG, is collecting dust. With current technology, modern incinerators are extremely close to being emmission-free. But close is the operative word here. And this may also solve Toronto's current garbage woes. The problem with is, is that it will continually need a constant flow of garbage to keep it producing power. The incinerator would make be a drasctic shift from the concepts of the Blue and Green Bin projects and other efforts to reduce waste overall. An incinerator essentially encourages simplistic waste production and circumvents conservation. Check out the article at DemocraticSPACE.com.


James Bow said...

Heck, if Toronto's garbage isn't enough to keep a power generator going, Waterloo Region will gladly hand over our trash. So will most of southwestern Ontario. About time somebody pay us for taking our trash rather than the other way around. :-)

James said...

Click on the following link to read about Dalton McGuinty's flip-flop on hydro electricity privatization in Ontario.

This is from the Ontario Tenants Rights website that has a lot of information about Ontario hydro electricity energy issues.

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