February 08, 2006

Mr.Emerson, I'm Confused... Liberal = Independant?

Apparently Emerson is claiming that 'he ran his constituency office on a non-partisan basis'. In other words, he ran as an non-committed Independant. I must have missed the memo that formally changed the name, the logo, the constitution and mandate of the Liberal Party of Canada to mean Independant. I'm guessing all the Liberal MPs, party members, financial donators, volunteers and voters also have missed this change. Someone better inform Elections Canada right away! If Emerson were truly running as a non-partisan he should have openly informed all his staff and volunteers and his constituents most of all. They deserved to know that he had no intention as running as a Liberal against the Conservatives. They should know that he didn't make comments about fighting Harper and the Conservatives. Since Emerson is claiming he ran as a non-partisan under the Liberal banner, and everything that constitutes, Emerson essentially ran as a fraud. You cannot run under the banner of a party and defend them against another party if you're running as a non-partisan with no allegiance. Effectively, Emerson has just admitted to deceiving his constituents and accepted funds and support from those wanting to elect a Liberal. This is tantamount to fraud and theft. Emerson has essentially admitted to being ethically void and he has no defence for his actions.


Dave said...

And on Monday his staff was busy taking down all vestiges of Liberal association in his constituency office.

Fraud? That would be mild.

Budd Campbell said...

The fraud here is the entire Liberal Party and it's 'vote strategic' BS, along with it's long acknowledged tradition of running from the left and governing from the right.

By exposing the fundamentally silly nature of this cosmetic fraud, that consists of pretending to make a large issue of the small distinction between Red and Blue paint jobs, Emerson has earned the enmity and ire of all who play the Red/Blue deception game. Emerson is being punished and abused not for telling little white lies during the campaign, for for telling the basic truth after the election.

The Red partisans in particular cannot stand having their trade secrets exposed to the voters, especially since they are now broke and out of power. They have to, pardon the expression, fight like blue blazes to place all the of the blame for insincerity on Emerson's personal shoulders, lest it spread out and cover the entire Liberal Party. They know better than anyone that all Emerson did was repeat the national Liberal vote strategic scam line in his riding. Now that he has dropped that and admitted that it doesn't matter to him which pro-business party he's in, well, that's a big problem for all the Red partisans, so they have to go after him big time.

Maybe they should send Belinda Stronach and Keith Martin into the riding to do some heavy organizing, eh?

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