February 02, 2006

McGuinty Finally Does Something Smart

Ontario Offers Cash for Solar Power It's been announced today that the Ontario provincial government will begin allowing residents to earn money for using solar panels in their house. During the last Ontario election this was an idea that McGuinty tossed around. However, it's better late than never to act on it - especially for an idea that is quite smart. When it was initially talked about McGuinty talked about having homes install electricity metres that could both read energy flow coming into a residence as well as going out. I assume that these metres will soon be available if this plan actually comes into existence. I say this with some hesitation because there is actually no official plan or policy in place as of yet, only some talk. Given the Ontario government's latest electricity announcements, mainly based around throwing more money into Ontario's nuclear reactors (which at first glance, seemingly use that money as fuel with the amount they consume), this solar panel plan actually makes sense. It provides an incentive for people to install the solar panels because they would be eligible use them to earn extra cash for their excess power. While this excess is limited 10 megawatts, it's still more than a house probably requires. This is exactly the type of innovative thinking that McGuinty should continue to look at to produce more energy in Ontario. Scrap the giant gas plants and the continued wasting of public money on nuclear plants. If we're going to be concerned with smog and other air pollutants, then obviously fossil-fuels aren't the way to go. And with Ontario also announcing that it can't afford to cut taxes, money has also become a concern for the province. We have to remember it was the nuclear plants, built by former Liberal premier David Peterson, that put Ontario Hydro in the red in the first place and gave the Harris Tories the justification to create the semi-private system we live under now. Innovation is exactly what Ontario needs and will be the real saviour of our energy problems.

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James said...

Click on the following link to read about Dalton McGuinty's flip-flop on hydro electricity privatization in Ontario.

This is from the Ontario Tenants Rights website that has a lot of information about Ontario hydro electricity energy issues.

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