February 07, 2006

Emerson's Reason Just As Poor as Harper's Hyprocrisy

The Globe and Mail's article, Reynolds brokered Emerson's right turn, contains a quote from Emerson explaining his reason for switching parties. In it Emerson muses,

"If I'm going to be in politics for another couple of years anyway, how can I be most effective? How can I serve my riding, how can I serve B.C. and Vancouver..?"

It's interesting that he would say he could better serve his riding (Vancouver-Kingsway) and generally both B.C. and Vancouver. With the exception of B.C., voters in both his riding and Vancouver overall believed their needs were better served voting for the Liberals and the NDP, not the Conservatives.

One of the biggest problems with this is that it wasn't as if there were many people that believed the Liberals were going to form the government let alone the NDP. However, the people of Vancouver, including Emerson's riding, still thought it best to have the Liberals and the NDP represent their interests in the House. If they wanted to show they had any interest in being represented by the Conservatives his riding wouldn't have voted them third with almost half the votes that the second place NDP received. For Emerson to argue that he can better represent his riding and Vancouver by making the move is completely disingenuous and wrong and amounts to nothing more than a move made in his own self-interest. If Emerson has any real integrity he would step-down and call a by-election and let his constituents decide who they want to represent them.

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