February 08, 2006

Blogging Conservaties Not the Only People Upset...

The Globe and Mail has printed a great article, Tory MPs riled by Harper's outsiders. It's very relieving that Conservative MPs are also expressing their disappointment with the hypocrisy of their leader. Now, whether or not this makes some sort of difference in regards to Emerson and Fortier remains to be seen (it's very doubtful). One MP was quoted as saying, "This looks like expediency, even hypocrisy... This is shocking. It's just unbelievable. Who was Stephen talking to? We campaigned against this kind of stuff," Another said, "I'm not sure how I'm going to explain these appointments to my constituents. It's bewildering." To answer the first MPs question: Stephen was talking to Michael Fortier, the organizer-turned-cabinet minister/senator after making the decision he didn't want to run for parliament. Turns out the advice he was passing out was not only in conflict with many views of the CPC but also somewhat undemocratic. Obviously Fortier was the right choice for the cabinet. To respond to the second MP: In the scope of things you don't owe your constituents any explanation, your anonomous quote to a national paper is telling in itself. It is Harper that owes your constituents the real explanation. However, Emerson apparently owes more than just an explanation to his. After facing the firing squad of Vancouver-Kingsway, he'll still need to pay back the $96,755 debt he owes to his riding.

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