December 08, 2005

What Martin's Hand-Gun Ban Really Means...

Martin has announced that, if re-elected, he would ban hand-guns. The top question that seems to be floating around now is, 'what does that mean for Canada?'. Well, I have the answer: If Canada were to ban hand-guns, Canadians could no longer purchase hand-guns legally. That's it. This wouldn't prevent illegal purchases. It would probably prevent some gun related crime - very little - but not crime in general. This is where the problem lies if Martin wants to use crime prevention as justification to ban hand-guns. It's not concrete enough. The announcement is really along the lines of Harper's GST plan, political fluff. However, I do support the idea of banning hand-guns. Not because I think it will do anything for crime rates or anything like that. I just don't see the purpose of them being available to the general public. Beyond law enforcement and even competition use, there is no need for these guns. It's the same idea of automatic and semi-automatic weapons. What purpose do they serve in the general population? Basically, none. Get rid of the guns because of their lack of purpose. Boost law enforcement funding and tackle social poverty to deal with crime.


Anonymous said...

I really hope Martin isn't as stupid as this proposed ban makes him look. It will solve nothing and may even make illegal gun sales stronger as was the case when Britain banned hand guns years ago. I really thought that the gun registry the Liberals implemented a few years ago was a waste of tax dollars but this is even worse. A ban on handguns will be effective in taking weapons out of the hands of responsible owners and that is all. Just because you see no point to gun ownership, that does not mean that all Canadians feel that way...and don't get me wrong, I don't own a gun. This ban will do nothing but wast more tax dollars.

Kyle said...

I'm not opposed to all gun ownership. My family owns a gun. However, that gun is left over from a time when it had a purpose; hunting. It is also not an (semi)automatic weapon or hand gun, the two types of guns that I don't believe have a purpose in the hands of the general public. What would be a justification beyond law enforcement and valid competition for owning either of these weapons?

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