November 03, 2005

Layton's doing what's right but not right...?

Layton, in my opinion, is doing the right thing by using his small grip on power to push the Liberals around. By giving the Liberals an ultimatum on health care, the NDP are getting things done for the country. And let us not forget, this has already done well for Canada once. For too long the Liberals have claimed to be the champions of health care, but haven't really done anything to deserve that title. In comes Layton and the NDP and challenges the Liberals to live up to their self-appointed image and it seems as though the Liberals are going to try to follow through. I realize that many people think that this is the wrong thing to do because the Liberals were (are) crooked, etc. Some people even think that there should be an election. I have no doubt that Layton doesn't disagree with these opinions either, and neither do I. Yet I would argue that out of the three opposition parties, two of the parties (CPC and the Bloc) really only want an election for their own gain and not because it's for the good of the nation. The CPC always wants the Liberals to fall - traditional rivals, different political leanings, power hungry for years, etc. There is also a chance that the CPC could get power because of the inquiry. The Bloc want an election because they have a lot to get out of the next election. Seperatist support is up - as long as there isn't a direct question about seperation - and this only means more seats for the Bloc. It should be noted as well that what the NDP wants in terms of new health care policy, under normal circumstances, the Bloc would be prepared to support. This leaves the NDP who, given that the Bloc and CPC numbers will probably go up, are likely to be losers. And while pushing for deals with the Liberals could be a method of self-preservation, the result for Canadians and health care, just like the last NDP-Liberal deal, is a positive. This is more than I could say for the potential fallouts of greater Bloc and CPC numbers in the house. This is why I think, in a somewhat confusing manner, that Layton is doing the right thing while not being right. Out of interest I want to draw attention to a good article, here. While the posting itself is good, a comment left by Lord Kitchener's Own is even more interesting.

Here are two words that illustrate why most Canadians will never believe that it's the Liberals (as opposed to political parties and politicians in general) who are so much more suseptible to corruption than other parties:Brian Mulroney.I think most Canadians have become cynical enough to assume as given that the reason the Liberals have acted so corruptly lately is the same reason the Mulroney went all crazy there at the end. Power corrupts. And these guys have been in power for a LONG while.Now, one would think that this would mean we'd be ready to switch out the Grits for the Tories, and give someone else a turn at bat. The problem here is two-fold. Number one, the CPC couldn't strategize their way out of a paper bag (and their tactics are pretty bad too). And number two, Canadians generally are about as ready to believe that Stephen Harper's CPC is different from Stephen Harper's Reform Party as conservatives are willing to believe that Paul Martin's Liberal party is different from Jean Chretien's Liberal party.And I don't see either of those things changing any time soon.

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