November 26, 2005

Global News On the Decline?

James Koole has a post titled Global News Hype. In it he points out that Global News Toronto seems to have exclusive coverage on important issues that is really nothing but trumped-up spin on international issues with a local twist.

The continued lack of imagination at Global News in Toronto has left me shaking my head again. As usual, their idea of finding a local angle on a story was, "could it happen here? Only we have the shocking truth." It seems with every disaster or major news story, the lead is always, "something bad happened somewhere else, could it happen here, and is Toronto prepared - gasp! We're not!!!"

For me I think the decline began shortly after Global News repatriated Kevin Newman. At first I really respected the man. He seemed to have a fairly good grasp on world issues and presented them quite fairly. But for the last couple of years at least his reports and others appearing on their regular newscast does seem to have started to head towards fear-mongering like material and over-hyping of non-issues.

One newscast that comes to mind is more recent. The report was about the system supposedly failing ADD and ADHD students. They were apparently breaking the news that not enough students were getting recognized as sufferers and getting medication. Now I'm not sure where they got the idea for this story but for a news agency that seems to think they have all the answers they definitely seemed to miss this target on this one.

Being in education and working two summers in Pennsylvania at a camp for children with learning disabilities, the research that I have read from both areas is that there are too many students that have been recognized. In fact, there are many in education and medicine that believe that ADD and ADHD are too easily given out as a diagnosis. From what I understand the label of AD(H)D has become a quick-fix solution for parents that struggle with controlling their children. The answer comes in the form of the drugs these children have to take because they help children focus better. I've read papers that argue that almost half of the children diagnosed as AD(H)D and are on ritalin, etc. have been misdiagnosed and are taking the medication unnecessarily. However, Global News' position was something else.

This is just one example, I realize, yet it is indicative of where Global News is and has been heading for quite some time. They seem to have exclusive reports on almost everything. However, I would argue that most of the reports are exclusively on nothing.

Thanks to James Koole for originally writing his post.


Classic said...

_I just don't get what's apppearing. They've dropped this news show, dropped that news show, tried this host, tried that host. They'll show this special, not that event...
_I see excellent light news on CH, but with zero cross-over. If there's a problem at the sprawling Canwest news empire, it's clearly above the level of any personality employee.

James said...

Global News is Canada's version of FOX. Enough said.

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