October 19, 2005

NetSweeper Put Me Out with the Trash (and Progressive Bloggers)

I had some time this morning, before school started, so I decided to load up my blog. I often use my blog as a way to easily access other blogs such as Kinsella's or the Progressive Bloggers and Canadian Conversation collectives. However, Netsweeper, our school board's internet filtering system, has put me in their Global Deny list. In other words, I'm banned from the education system in which I work for. I'm sure it's because I have this post that plainly uses a racist term. While the post itself is not racist material, the term is probably just automatically picked up by a bot of some sort and added my blog to its list. The post even explains that the expert that was on the Oprah show, which the post is based on, says the term should be just used instead of saying something like 'the N-word'. If you're using such a 'discreet' way of saying it, you have essentially already said and thought it. There is no point in hiding what it is. Thus, I used it in my post. And I assume that is the reason for my banning as opposed to 'course language' because I can still load up Kinsella's site which contains much more cursing then my blog does. I think it's unfortunate that the system is so indiscriminate because there are other sites that are also banned but would be great for my computer classes, especially when I get into Weblogs and journalism/media research. One site that would have been useful but is also banned... Progressive Bloggers. That's right, PB is banned. However, it is not under the global deny list, Progressive Bloggers is listed as an Occult site and therefore banned. Who knew when I woke up this morning that I would be considered both a racist and a member of the occult? This morning has been enlightening to say the least!

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Scott Tribe said...

Wow.. I knew all the folks at Prog Blog were considered dedicated people.. but I didnt think we qualified as being occultists ;)

Can that problem be resolved? (Unless they really do think we're occultists).

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