October 29, 2005

It's like winning the blogging lottery...

This past Monday I posted about the Google joke that lead to a bio-page of Dubya. Who knew that would have been all I needed to get traffic to my site?! I hadn't posted since, so I thought I would see how much more poorly my traffic has been. I clicked on my Site Meter icon and was I ever blown away. My traffic jumped from about 10/day to over 200 on Thursday. According to the references most of the traffic came from people doing Google searches on the prank. I put in the same search on Google and found that my site came up as the first link once and third the next time. Honestly, it feels like I hit it big time. To have hundreds of people come to my site was something I thought wouldn't ever happen. And only by mentioning the prank did my blog dream come true. Now, if I could only get that kind of traffic for the stuff I actually consider important... Posted by Picasa

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Deb said...

Shrun jokes always bring in the traffic, real life does not. Liked your site nonethe less (grin) even without the jokes!

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