October 14, 2005

Image of the Invisible: Prose on Poverty

The issue of poverty is something that I take serious. It is the root of so many other issues in our society and in so many other countries. I also am a big fan of the Make Poverty History campaign. I like it so much that, if the campaign is extended into 2006, my fiance and I are giving out information and their bracelets as guest favours at our wedding. As crazy as that may sound the campaign is about awareness of the issue and this is partially my way of contributing. Remember that there are so many more ways to solve the problem of poverty, especially in Canada, that governments won't take and opt in favour of utilitarian, band-aid solutions instead. The results are clear of what happens when the problem is only managed instead of being truly dealt with. The aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans is one of the best, recent examples of half-assed measures and governments failing its own people. This doesn't need to be the reality. Poverty can end! Anyway, my reason for this post is actually promote both the poverty issue and a band. With the issue part out of the way, may I direct your attention to the band Thrice. While Thrice's music may not be everyone's style being that they are considered post-punk (aka punk fused with alt.hard rock) they are defitinely a band I'd admire for their music as much as their lyrics. With their new album hitting shelves on Oct.18 I wanted to bring attention to their first single Image of the Invisible, which deals with the topic of poverty. This isn't the first song they've released that deals with poverty but this song is being released with an attempt to bring attention to a few quality programs that deal directly with child poverty. Please take a look and always keep in mind that there are solutions available to this everyday and shameful (on the part of governments) problem. Lyrics to Image of the Invisible by Thrice we're more than carbon and chemicals, free will is ours and we can't let go we can't allow this, the quiet, cull so we sing out this, our canticle we are the image of the invisible, we all were lost now we are found, no one can stop us or slow us down we are all named and we are all known, we know that we'll never walk alone we're more than static and dial tone, we're emblematic of the unknown raise up the banner, bend back your bows, remove the cancer, take back your souls we are the image of the invisible though all the world may hate us, we are named though shadow overtake us, we are known Please take a minute to check out these: www.invisiblechildren.com www.826valencia.org www.syrentha.org www.apch.org www.kidsmatter.org

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