October 13, 2005

Creation Versus Evolution. Is it really worth it?

Every once in a while when I'm visiting the Progressive Bloggers page I notice that someone has been doing an update on a court case in Dover, Pennsylvania. The case involves, from what I understand, a dispute about whether or not Intelligent Design - a religious spin on semi-evolutionary theory - should be included in the education system. I don't want to debate the merit of either Intelligent Design, Evolution or even Creationism. Rather I just want to make a point. This past summer I was working at a residential summer camp. There were several staff that subscribe to the Christian faith. Seeing it as an opportunity to hear others points of view in regards to my own faith, which is rooted in the Judeo-Christian basis, I joined their spiritual support group. Myself and another member had just finished reading the book A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. It's about the history of the major scientific theories. Included in this list is evolution. We were kind of just making small talk about the book when the topic came up about whether we believed in the idea of Creation or Evolution. There was some discussion about it when another member made the comment that he didn't think our subscription to either one made any real difference in your ability to be 'faithful'. It was interesting statement, especially coming from the person that it did. However, if I think about seriously, I agree 100%. Does it really matter if you believe Genesis gives an acurate account or if Evolutionary Theory is closer to the truth? No as far as I'm concerned. For one thing, agreeing with Evolutionary Theory does not automatically mean you do not believe God had a hand in the process. God could have very well set up the whole evolutionary process himself and could have had a guiding hand during it all. Secondly, I do not see Creation as a cornerstone or a pre-requisite to having faith in the first place. There are so many more important ideas - fundamental ideas - to the Judeo-Christian faith that Creation has nothing to do with. Creation is not a pre-requisite to the Ten Commandments, tolerance, belief and following Christ, acceptance, etc. To spend time arguing whether or not Evolution or Creation or whatever is correct is just a waste energy in the end. It is energy that could be better spent strengthening your own faith, and working at being the best example of a believer you can be. Some side-tracked thoughts... 1) God apparently created the world in six days but days weren't created until something like the 3rd or 4th day. 2) Could you imagine what Abraham's or Moses' expression would have been if God had tried to explain the science of Evolutionary Theory to them? 3)There is a good chance that if Islam had continued making progress in science and math, rather then giving it up, they may have developed something like Evolution themselves. If so, then there probably wouldn't have been much of a debate about God's involvement in the process and it would have been seen as the science behind Creation....

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