October 15, 2004

Smoking for the children

Smoking ban urged in cars This is similar, but in a lesser capacity, to the recomendation to ban smoking in homes when children were present. That came out several years ago and had my support. This new recomendation also has my full support. From my perspective, parents and smokers do not even have a case here to make against this idea. Despite all the claims from smokers and liberty groups that banning smoking is against personal freedoms, it actually isn't. The fundamental basis of rights is that you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't harm another person. That's it. Plain and Simple. That is why the courts are able to override our freedom of speech when it comes to hate/racist expressions. Second-hand smoke harms people therefore if you're in a non-ventilated area you shouldn't be able to smoke because you may be harming those do want to inhale your biproducts. You can harm yourself all you want but in no way are you allowed to harm another person in the process. But if this isn't enough to convince people that smoking in cars (or even houses) when children are present should be banned what about our duty of care to children. Every parent and every custodial adult is charged with the duty to care for the youth that cannot care for themselves. We must keep children from harm to the best of our abilities. How can someone say they are doing the best they can when they willing subject children to second-hand smoke? They can't. This alone is enough reason to ban smoking in close and closed quarters with children present. We should be worrying more about their health than our fix. This cannot be overlooked or even talked around. Any person that tries should either recognize they have a problem or they don't care enough about the kids they are charged with caring for.

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