October 02, 2004

Blair, Powell Apologetic; Bush Still in Denial

Powell regrets saying Iraq had weapons stockpiles Blair splits with Bush on Hussein arms cache Presidential Debate Transcripts (refer to pages 2 and 3) Early in the Iraq invasion when the main reason to enter was to remove the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) there were many media centres and columnists that often were quoted as calling them Weapons of Mass Distraction. Several years later the general public now realizes all too well that this latter term is more accurate. Even more recently it seems that both Powell and Blair have also conceded this to be the case. Two men that were instrumental in trying to convince the world of these WMD's have both claimed to regret using the non-existent WMD's as justification for attacking Iraq. Powell, being the Bush's voice in the UN and Blair, Bush's biggest international ally have both turned their backs on Bush in regards to these 'weapons'. This is not what I found to be of most interest though. Both statements were made prior to the US Presidential Debate, a debate that focused mainly on Iraq and terrorism. In spite of these statements Bush, during the campaign, still held up the claim that there were and, but to a lesser extent, there still is WMD's present in Iraq. This is clearly a man in denial. UN inspectors, Powell, Blair and an Iraq inquiry have all said that the weapons are simply not there yet Bush carries on completing ignoring everyone. The question that comes to mind is, "what does it take to have Bush himself apologize?". Don't consider this entry as a rant. It isn't. It is an entry about examining the motivations of a man. What is the motivation behind pushing misleading/ falsified information? Is it not more likely that holding onto such false claims could get you sacked because you will constantly be called on it? This is what I find most interesting about all of this. I can only imagine keeps Bush clinging to these claims. Is it because the people that are likely to vote for him reject the claims of Powell et al? Are the American public highly misinformed about the apologies? This would all make for a fascinating enquiry. On a lesser note it is also interesting that Kerry, during the debate, did not point out the prior apologies of Powell and Blair. If I were him I would have been all over them, especially at the times when Bush still pushed the WMD claims. It may have been helpful in passing such information to the public since the numbers of people watching were massive.

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Joel_MacLeod said...

Here, Here

I had always found it astounding that Powell and Blair, two intelligent and prominent members in not only their domestic political scene but internationally as well, went along so willingly with the Bush agenda in Iraq.

I believe that they realize the errors of their ways and are trying desparately to salvage what they can of their once promising careers. It is indeed a shame that Colin Powell and Tony Blair, will forever be remembered as perpetrators of one of the most controversial wars in the history of the world, and not for their previous work.

As for Bush, I think its the only thing he has left to work with. His track record has shown he has blinding stubborness to his work, and this has been shown to be his most prominent weakness. He can't rely on his economic record, as it is the worst the US has seen since the Great Depression. Therefore he must paint himself as a great Wartime President, and to do this must rely on the assumption of WMD's in Iraq.

It would be funny if it wasn't so darn pathetic!!!

BTW: Kyle good blog, keeps me informed!!!

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