September 06, 2004


As Hurricane Frances is being downgraded to a tropical storm after smacking Florida around, the Caribbean is getting ready to face their next assailant, Ivan. Ivan will be the 9th tropical cyclone in the Atlantic this year. I was surprised at the persistence of Frances. I had been in the early part of a trip to the Dominican Republic when it began and at that time it was predicted that Frances would head north towards the Carolinas and pitter out due to its slow speed. Instead it grew to be over 200 km's wide, it hit Florida and it did all of this over a week after I looked at the hurricane reports on the net while in the D.R. The constant stream of tropical depressions is unnerving. Somehow my friends and I got lucky and were able to hit the Caribbean in between storms. I couldn't imagine going through the hell that Floridians and the residents of the Caribbean have of late. So far they have been hit by several minor storms and 2 class-4 hurricanes, with another on the way. The reports about the storms and satellite feeds can be viewed at the National Hurricane Center website. The discussions about the storms, with the exception of early Frances reports, are quite accurate and the satellite feeds give you a good idea of how big these storms can get.

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